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Export Catalyst is supported by funding from NHS England, the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) and the Department for International Trade. This funding goes towards sharing insight and experience to help you maximise your returns and bring more business to the UK. We also offer priced packages of support that offer bespoke development to Boards and Senior Leadership Teams within the NHS family

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We offer unique services to suit all needs and budgets. Our team can help challenge your thinking and inspire you to maximise international opportunities by helping build a sustainable and scalable model for your business overseas.

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Why Export?

    Exporting your services can result in dramatically increasing your income.

    Research and learning

    Working overseas can provide extremely valuable learning experiences and can help develop formal research partnerships.

    Recruitment and retention

    The opportunity for working overseas aids recruitment of high calibre staff it also brings more breadth to your organisation. It helps to attract high calibre staff pas well as assisting with retaining current staff. It also helps with motivation once staff begin to see the benefit coming back into the organisation.


    The NHS is the most famous healthcare service in the world. Sharing our expertise ensures more people benefit from world-class care promoting UK values.


    This is a clear benefit to organisations as successfully delivering work overseas raises the profile of your organisation both here in the UK and internationally.

The Healthcare UK seminar helped us focus our proposition on clinical observerships. We have clinical and management expertise in the NHS that we should be able to export with confidence. Without Healthcare UK’s help, I don’t think we would have gotten our proposition past the board.

Leslie Stove | Assistant Chief Exec | East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust

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5 March, 2020

NEXUS, University of Leeds

These workshops focus on the challenges that NHS organisations face during their export journey and develop foundation level skills to start thinking about how to export successfully and sustainability.

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Get ahead and transform your workforce with expert-led training. Upskill your team to help them break out of the NHS marketplace and take on an international forum.

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Export Consultancy

We have refined and developed our consultancy packages to challenge the thinking of our clients, delivering expert resource to help maximise on international opportunities.

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Market Map

Take advantage of our regional insight to help you secure business globally. If you’re interested in selling overseas then we can provide you with the knowledge to build a successful approach.

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Mentor NET

We have built a valuable community to help share this insight and grow UK businesses abroad.

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Export Library

We provide support for companies of all size within our community. Browse our range of free templates and resources to help you on your export journey.

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