How is this product delivered?

  • Desk based research
  • Interviews with key internal and external stakeholders
  • Facilitated workshops before and following research days
  • Recommendations report and outline research plan from Healthcare UK

What will the outcomes be for your trust?

  • A full view of potential markets, with a prioritisation of these markets, and a review of the different approaches required.
  • Initial customer review and outline due diligence on markets.
  • A report, co-created with our expertise, insight and support, to help your decision making and to secure support for the approach you will be recommending across the organisation.
  • A clear list of potential partners and introductions.
  • Interviews with all participants prior to facilitated delivery days
  • Two on-site delivery days with supported interim activities (research, review)
  • Due diligence templates and support with one potential customer / market
  • Headline review of market and offer to determine approach
  • Market analysis based upon your bespoke approach to market, including fit/attractiveness modelling. Volume and value, scale and ongoing planning

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