The session will cover the challenges that the organisation faces and look at ways of overcoming those.
They will spend time considering what are your top products to proactively look for relevant opportunities rather than being distracted by irrelevant opportunities.

How is this product delivered?

  • Presentations, case studies, workshops and chalk up tools
  • A workshop around what the challenges are when creating a proposition
  • Difference and Credibility session
  • 7 p’s model & session
  • Business model canvas development
  • Competitors review
  • Action plan
  • Monitoring progress hand outs

What will the outcomes be for your trust?

  • Creation of an offer
  • Understanding of organisational strengths
  • Understanding of organisational USP
  • Identification of potential value proposition
  • Identification of resources to deliver
  • A workshop delivered to up to 14 delegates from across each of the services
  • Workshop facilitated by experienced and highly knowledgeable experts
  • Fit and attractiveness criteria agreed
  • Ranking of all propositions to allow selection of the top value propositions
  • Numerous tools which can be used again by the organisation in the future
  • Final report outlining the process and detailing the outcome for the organisation with recommendations for next steps
  • All preparation, pre-event work, on-site delivery and expenses, course follow up and dedicated consultant support

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